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Beacon Pathway’s curriculum combines rigorous college preparatory coursework with intensive English language instruction. The goal of the program is to keep students where they need to be academically and give them the extra help to get the English skills to the level that they will be accepted for admission at their best fit high school. Our English program is designed to give students the tools to not only do well in an academic setting, but also to do well in social situations. We will also help you prepare for the TOEFL and SSAT tests that are required as part of the admissions process.

Because we can guarantee you placement at a high school upon completion of the Pathway program, our admission requirements are quite high. You may be asking yourself how can they guarantee me admission when they are not the people who make the admissions decisions at a particular school. The answer to how we can make that promise lies in 4 things. First, entry to our program is a big first hurdle for a student to overcome. Second, receiving a reference letter from our advisers, who have personal relationships with admissions officers at the top high schools in the US is a huge advantage.

Beacon Pathways Offers:

  • College Preparatory Coursework
  • Intensive English Language Instruction
  • Grade Appropiate Math, Science & History Instruction
  • Athletics & Arts Electives
  • Highly Regarded Test Preparation

Because of the application time line, we require Pathway students to enter our 6 week summer intensive language camp. This experience lets you acclimate to a new culture and environment in a non threatening, fun way, while also enabling you to hone your English skills and hit the ground running come the start of the academic year in September.

In addition to 3 hours of English every school day, Pathway students will take grade appropriate Math, Science and History classes. After school, students will enroll in athletics or arts elective enabling them to spend quality social time with local American students. Weekends are devoted to relaxing, sightseeing, homework and English practice.

At the end of the academic year you will leave Pathway with one year’s worth of credits at a US high school and admission to the best fit school for you.

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