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Our Approach
Greenwich Education Group understands that today's competitive college admissions process requires optimal performance on the SAT or ACT exams. That's why we base our approach to test preparation on a research-proven foundation: Higher test scores result from instructors who successfully harness and integrate the demands of the test with the learning style of the test-taker.

How can Greenwich Education Group help my child prepare for the SAT and ACT exams?
Our step-by-step test preparation program ensures that your child goes into the exam not only with an intimate knowledge of test format and material, but also with the confidence to perform at his or her best. We firmly believe that when it comes to college admissions exams, familiarity breeds success.

In addition to our individualized test prep sessions, Greenwich Education Group offers small SAT and ACT group classes throughout the year. 

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

Greenwich Education Group is also offering the SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test for students who do not yet know if the SAT or the ACT is the right test for them. The comparative SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test consists of SAT and ACT sections such as English, Writing, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. After completion of the diagnostic test, each student is provided with their own 9-page score summary that analyzes the student's answers to all units and subunits of the SAT and ACT tests and compares them cross-sectionally. The SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test is an extremely useful tool that determines if a student is better predisposed to score higher on one test versus the other.

NEW SAT (2017)/ACT Diagnostic Test Report.


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What is the PSAT? 

The PSAT is a preliminary version of the SAT, which is taken in both 10th and 11th grades. This test helps prepare students for the rigor of the college application process, and is also the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship.

How can Greenwich Education Group help my child prepare for the PSAT?

Although this exam is not as high-stakes as the SAT, we firmly believe that preparation for it can not only raise a student's score on this specific exam, but it will also help the student do better on the SAT down the road. Our individualized approach to this exam helps students maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

SAT Subject Test

What is the SAT Subject Test?
The College Board administers 20 Subject Tests in English, history, mathematics, science, and foreign languages. Each subject-area test lasts one hour and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. Without question, your child's score on the Subject Test plays an important role in his or her admission to college.

How can Greenwich Education Group help my child with the SAT Subject Test?
Our Subject Test preparation program provides private tutoring in all five disciplines. Our qualified instructors, who are subject-area specialists with a full complement of individualized teaching strategies at their disposal, can help your child master the most effective strategies for optimum exam performance.

AP Exam

What is the AP Exam?
The College Board offers Advanced Placement courses and exams in 38 subject areas, across multiple disciplines. These courses are designed to give high school students exposure to college level material and to better prepare them for the rigorous workload required of them in college. The exams are closely correlated to the course curricula and measure a student's success in the course, as well as giving college credit at some select colleges and universities.

How can Greenwich Education Group help my child prepare for the AP Exam?
We offer tutoring services for the majority of subjects in the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. After an initial interview to assess needs and goals, your child works one-on-one with an expert instructor to hone his or her skills and prepare for the AP exam(s).