At Greenwich Education Group, we pride ourselves on matching families with the best educational opportunities for their children.

Choosing the right educational program or independent school for your child is a decision that carries lifelong implications.We understand that identifying the "right fit" school and going through the admissions process can be overwhelming – and that for many students, getting accepted into a great school is only the beginning of the journey.

We can help.

Our experienced and knowledgeable educational consultants, led by our Founder and Executive Director Victoria Newman, MS Ed, CEP, and Day and Boarding School Director Muffy Fox, MS Ed, specialize in providing personalized assistance to you and your family, as you seek to find the best opportunities for your child.

When you choose Greenwich Education Group’s Day and Boarding School Advisory Services, you are welcomed by a highly individualized consulting practice. We get to know your family and make it our mission to identify the “best fit” schools that also meet your expectations. From interview tactics to supporting essays that make each student shine, we prepare and position your child in the strongest possible light. Armed with a list of target schools, we can help your child be fully considered for the student they are.

We know our clients and the directors of admissions. Paying close attention to every detail throughout the process, we present each student optimally to the directors of admissions and their associates. 

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