Greenwich Education Group provides the region’s leading academic tutoring services.

At GEG, we recognize the unique talents and challenges of individual learners, which is why our comprehensive educational support services are customized to each student. Working hand in hand with a student’s parents, as well as teachers and outside specialists, we create detailed, tailor-made educational programs that target and address academic areas in need of remediation, support, or enrichment.

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Our academic services span all grade levels and subject matters, ranging from early reading remediation and mathematics enrichment, to Honors Algebra II and Renaissance European Literature, to AP Physics, Creative Writing, and Foreign Language. Our tutors are experts not only in their fields of study, but also in guiding individual students to levels of increased mastery. Indeed, at GEG our teachers form the true bedrock of the services we provide. We hire accomplished, inspiring men and women with a combination of teaching experience, advanced degrees, contagious enthusiasm, and engaging communication skills. Our tutoring philosophy stems from the belief that students learn best when they feel comfortable with and connected to their instructors, so we emphasize building a rapport between teachers and learners.

Tutoring Services

With a staff of more than 70 subject-area specialists, Greenwich Education Group offers academic tutoring in every subject. Our one-on- one tutoring services help your child master content, improve classroom performance, and build self-esteem in school. Further, our commitment to documenting the progress of our students ensures that parents stay fully informed throughout the tutoring process; after each session, tutors prepare a record of the material covered, strategies emphasized, and level of engagement for your review.


Our experienced, engaged, enlivening tutors are the best in their fields and brightest in their ability to connect with students. They are the members of our team that truly set GEG apart from other organizations. 

As the leading educational company in the region, GEG attracts a stellar set of tutors, teachers, specialists, and academic support providers. Our tutors hail from all backgrounds and educational fields. In addition to subject matter mastery, they possess strong interpersonal skills and a passion for ensuring that your child succeeds within and beyond the classroom.


Experienced, and bring years’ worth of practice at responding to the needs of individual students with care and agility.

Dedicated, and craft detailed summary reports after every session with their students. These session reports are then passed along to the student’s parents, so that families can monitor the progress of their child.

Engaging, and can capture a student’s interest and imagination. They take concepts that some learners may view as boring or mundane, and make those concepts “come alive.” They possess a “spark” that differentiates good educators from great educators.

Vetted, meaning that each goes through an extensive background check and presents a number of verified references from former colleagues, employers, and parents of former students.

Resourceful, and make wise use of GEG’s extensive library of updated educational materials. We remain responsive to suggestions made by our tutors for new materials and resources to add to our collection so that we are constantly up-to- date with best practices and well-suited to local curricula.

Proactive, and constantly assess the progress of each of their students as well as reflect on their own progress as teachers. They collaborate with GEG administrators and parents of students to ensure that students continue to make measurable strides towards their goals.


AP Classes

We are hoping to gauge interest in AP review sessions held throughout April to prepare students for May's AP Exams. 

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Greenwich Office:
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We provide academic and advisory services for Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Stamford, Norwalk, Rye, and surrounding areas across Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY.