Our tutoring program for high school students is highly personalized and designed to meet the unique needs of each learner. We work with students in public, private, parochial, and non- traditional schools at all levels of mastery, ranging from basic remediation courses to high- level Honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate classes.

Every GEG high school tutor is an expert in his or her respective field, with a combination of advanced degrees, industry experience, and first-hand teaching know-how. Our tutors are trained to identify and adapt to your child’s particular learning style with a variety of problem-solving techniques and critical-thinking strategies. We help your child apply subject matter understanding to all manner of evaluation, including written reports and papers, quizzes, oral exams, standardized tests, and informal classroom assessments. The goal of our high school tutoring program is to empower students to take responsibility for their own education, enhance self-sufficiency, and learn to advocate for themselves.


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