Greenwich Education Group welcomes students to our tutoring centers in Greenwich and Stamford. We also offer the option of in-home tutoring to our families who prefer to have tutors come directly to them. We understand how busy students are with extracurricular, volunteer, and familial commitments, so our tutors are happy to lessen a bit of the burden by meeting your child in-home.

Advantages of in-home tutoring:

The most obvious answer is: Convenience. We know that many parents and students have extremely busy schedules and may not be able to coordinate getting to and from either of our centers. In such cases, we arrange for one of our outstanding tutors to meet with your child in the comfort of your home. In-home tutoring also allows your child to resume homework and studying immediately after the end of a tutoring session, thereby helping to “lock-in” the progress made with the tutor.

Is in-home tutoring right for my child?
For many students, in-home tutoring is the ideal option because they can come home from a long day at school, grab a quick snack, and then be ready for a session with their tutor that afternoon. Our in-home students like that they don’t need to travel to a different location to receive academic support. However, if your home has distractions that may create a less-than- ideal learning environment for our child, then in-home tutoring would not be the wisest option.

What kind of tutoring is available in-home?
We offer the same range of Academic and Test Prep services to our in-home clients as we offer at our centers.

In which areas do you provide in-home tutoring?
In-home tutoring is available throughout much of Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY.

For more specific information on in-home tutoring in your area, please call 203-661-1609.


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