Beacon provides a unique opportunity for international students who want an intensive, individualized educational experience in which they can improve their English language skills and prepare for U.S. universities, where inquiry and engaged discussion are central to undergraduate learning.

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Beacon Pathways

Destination – A Prestigious U. S. High School

So, you really want to go to a prestigious high school in the United States. Your grades are certainly good enough to gain acceptance, but your English language skills are not really there. The Beacon Pathway program is designed just for students like you.


English Summer Immersion Program

The Fastest Way to Learn English!

The purpose of this camp is to give 14-18 year old students an opportunity to improve their English language skills in a multi-modal environment. Students will be expected to be engaged in class and finish any homework they may have been given on a timely basis. Students will also have the opportunities to practice what they have learned in class during athletics or the arts during the non academic portion of the day. On weekends, our students will take trips to visit Yale, Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. They will also have the opportunity to shop and visit places of historical and cultural importance.