Middle school poses unique academic and social-emotional challenges to students, as physical and emotional transitions coincide with a dramatic increase in workload and subject matter rigor. Classes tend to be larger than those in elementary school, and to offer less emotional support. For this reason, many children struggle to find their footing academically and step into themselves as young adults.

Our tutors have spent many years working with adolescents and thus understand the academic and personal struggles students encounter in the middle school years. At GEG, we cultivate supportive relationships between tutors and students that are sensitive to emerging social, academic, and maturity-related identities.

Executive function challenges often surface in middle school. GEG tutors can help your child manage assignments and long-term projects; organize workspaces, notebooks, binders, and backpacks; and apply note-taking and studying strategies to specific subjects. Such attention and sensitivity to middle school needs will help your child build a foundation of study skills and habits that will serve their future success in high school and higher education.


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