Language Arts

GEG’s early reading program offers beginning readers support in such areas as phonics, letter recognition, oral reading fluency, and comprehension strategies. We assess your child’s reading readiness and use relevant, level-appropriate texts to support their growth and increased competency. Our tutors use a whole language approach, which translates well in the classroom environment and helps your child read for both meaning and accuracy. 

Writing skills develop hand-in- hand with learning to read, and we encourage young writers to find their voice and articulate their ideas through words and illustrations. Our goal is to lay the groundwork in our young learners for a lifelong love of language, expression, and meaningful communication.

For some students, persistent difficulty with decoding reading passages or mining a text for deeper meaning can point to a possible learning disability. GEG can help to identify such challenges and guide your child toward more specialized instruction, intervention, and accommodation.


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Like reading and writing, math is a language that is best acquired through explicit instruction, modeling, practice, and assessment. Young learners encounter math in multiple forms throughout the day, from the date and time, to multiplication tables, to word problems that require reading and comprehension skills. Our tutors work with your child to hone an understanding of number concepts, quantitative reasoning, and computation skills.

Some students take easily to math, while others balk at symbols, formulas, and tedious memorization, and find themselves overwhelmed and disengaged. GEG tutors are sensitive to the distress that feeling “bad at math” can bring, and so they work with your child to build confidence and master skills step by step. Our tutors are very familiar with the curricula at local public and private schools and have the resources to introduce, reinforce, and support all math students at whatever point they need help. We offer grade-appropriate and content acquisition assessments and tailor your child’s learning plan to his or her unique needs, whether that means remediating topics in need of support or providing enriching material beyond grade-level.