What is test anxiety?
Test anxiety is a level of nervousness or worry about a test/exam which interferes with a students' ability to show what they know, and the quality of their thinking.

How do I know if my child has test anxiety?
Test anxiety may manifest itself as physical reactions (headaches, stomach aches, other complaints), a tendency to view the test as a threat and not a challenge, or having persistent negative thoughts about doing poorly. It may look like emotional or avoidance behaviors.

What services does GEG provide for students with test anxiety?
To maximize student performance, in addition to the detailed test prep instruction provided by our tutors, our program integrates a Stress Management Workshop through TCC, which provides strategies for test anxiety, performance stress, and other test taking concerns. This program component is lead by a licensed psychologist with direct experience working with adolescents and will be held on the first and last day of the course. For students who may need more support, we offer 1:1 or small group coaching by school and clinical psychologists.