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Brennan and his team are comprised of credentialed and compassionate educational professionals,
subject area specialists, regular and special education teachers who share a common
belief in the 
effectiveness of individualized services and support.

We provide PreK-12+ students with the tools they need to enhance their academic potential
and become independent learners who are responsible, motivated, resilient, and proactive.

Tutoring is offered virtually, in person at our Stamford office, or in your home,

subject to tutor availability.


GEG's Learning and Development Center offers customized support to help every child soar.
To set up tutoring and test prep, please contact Brennan Kelly



Brennan Kelly

Director of Tutoring & Test Prep
Greenwich Education Group


Ann Ramone

Program Coordinator

Our Team


Tutorig & Test Prep

Tutoring and
Test Prep

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Exceptional tutoring is provided by well-trained, experienced teachers (e.g., learning specialists, reading specialists, math specialists).  At the elementary level, the intervention is usually in developing and enriching reading, math, or writing skills, including keyboarding. At the secondary level, we provide specialized intervention for subject/content areas. This includes grade-level Math, Science, Writing, History, and World Languages, as well as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate (IB) Curricula. Intervention is both for academic enhancement and remediation.

Test Prep

Test preparation and intervention are geared toward familiarizing the student with the standardized test protocol and test-taking strategies. Services are implemented to address the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TACHS, and GED.
Our tutors strengthen content areas and identify and close gaps.
Our diagnostic tests d
etermine which test will best showcase a student’s abilities. Our instructors coach each student on how best
to use extended time accommodations based o
n their individual learning profile.


  • Enhance vocabulary

  • Improve concentration and comprehension by analyzing
    data and essay formulation

  • Apply scientifically proven test-taking strategies for time
    management reading

Orton-Gillingham and Multi-Sensory Instruction

A specialized multi-sensory reading intervention designed to address reading challenges and deficits - decoding, fluency, and/or reading comprehension. OG is a particularly effective strategy for the remediation of Dyslexia and Dysfluency. We also offer additional Targeted Reading Programs, including Wilson, PAF (Preventing Academic Failure), Slingerland, and Lindamood-Bell.

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Executive Function
& Study Skills

Executive Function & Study Skills

Executive Function Coaching

The assessment and Intervention process includes EF evaluation, working with the student to set short-term and long-term goals based on identified weaknesses, teaching specific EF skills, assisting the student in understanding his/her learning profiles, and developing metacognition and self-monitoring skills. Addresses characteristics often associated with an ADHD diagnosis and the gamut of Learning Disabilities.


  • Increase productivity and time management.

  • Set and achieve goals.

  • Become more organized.

Organization & Time Management

Tutoring and coaching to address deficits in planning, organization, time management, task initiation, attention, setting and achieving goals, working memory, emotional control, inhibition, and rigidity/inflexibility.

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